La remise en forme on horseback

Beauty Ciapet Sardegna


Ciapet Program

After years of research, studies and tests, the «Horse Country Resort» offers the innovative Ciapet program of remise en forme.Remodeling spa treatments performed by specialists, combined with moments of physical activity on horseback suitable for reactivating the muscles and designed for those who have never been on a horse, a program crucial to combat imperfections of cellulite and adispose layers of waist, legs and glutes.

Taking care of your body surrounded by the nature of Sardinia and freeing your spirit on horseback, makes the remise en forme experience by Ciapet a unicum in Italy.



The program, tailored to individual needs and requirements, includes targeted treatments in our spa, combined with muscle activation sessions on horseback, ideal for those who have never ridden a horse and studied by specialized teachers to optimize the effectiveness of the active ingredients.


The phytocosmetic products used during the wellness treatment program are inspired by Sardinian and the excellent properties of Mediterranean nature. The formulations of the 4 products of the Ciapet beauty line are 100% natural and each precious active ingredient carries out a specific action amplified by one common element: the hypertonic Sardinian sea water, which allows the elimination of excess fluids from the tissues and the alleviation of cellulite.


The sessions of muscular activation in the saddle, accompanied by the expert coaches of the resort and therefore also suitable for those who have never tried horseback riding, the targeted treatments with natural muds and packs for the legs and the remodeling massages of the silhouette with Ciapet products, lead the guest to a fast and natural «remise en forme» with effects of reduction of excess inches visible in just a few days.


Within the time of a vacation to the sea.