Western experience at the saloon

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Western experience at the saloon

The fun holiday in Sardinia awaits you! A new way of experiencing an original holiday in Sardinia, with unforgettable, fun evenings, enjoying Tex-Mex cuisine, with a chance to line dance in Sardinia to the rhythm of country music and venture into many themed games open to all! The evening begins in the best way possible with an amazing dining experience at the Saloon, where you can enjoy Tex-Mex cuisine in the typical environment of the pioneer era. After dinner, you'll be part of a great atmosphere that will distinguish your original holiday in Sardinia, where fun is ensured and where you can try your hand at throwing a lasso or a fun pie-in-the-face game! Country music will be the star of the evening, while you line dance in Sardinia with all your fellow adventurers!