An unforgettable car trip

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An unforgettable car trip

Sardinia is a land to experience! With a trip by car, you can reach the most enchanting and picturesque areas of the island. The most important places to visit on your car trip  in Sardinia are the Sinis Peninsula, an ancient land rich in history where you can discover the origins of Tharros and the magical beach of Is Arutas, with its typical white beach and most unique sea beds in the world, along with the City of Oristano, home of the Sartiglia, one of the oldest and most striking equestrian tournaments that exist, and also home to the judge, Eleanor d’Arborea. Moving south, you can admire the Nuragic Palace of Barumini, the most impressive Nuragic complex that has remained intact over time, the Mines of Montevecchio, which survived  the era of the industrial revolution, until you reach Cagliari, Sardinia's capital city, rich in history and all to discover. However, also the hinterland offers fantastic landscapes with the high mountains of Gennargentu. Wherever your car trip in Sardinia may take you,  you will discover ancient, inimitable traditions, admire unspoiled and uncontested landscapes, enjoy Sardinian cuisine, famous worldwide for its authenticity and flavours, with recipes handed down over time from generation to generation ... for your unforgettable car trip in Sardinia.