Uncontaminated beaches and pine forest

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Uncontaminated beaches and pine forest

Your nature holiday has never been so exciting! Discover our long, white sandy beaches where you can spend wonderful moments and take unforgettable walks, admiring the spectacular view of the Sinis Peninsula. A unique paradise to discover with a nature holiday in Sardinia. A magical world to explore with an exciting horse trek towards discovering the beauty of this splendid island. With our hiking excursions, you can visit more than 400 hectares of pine forest, which extend around the Horse Country Resort through the undisputed, unique  scenarios of Sardinia. The western coast of Sardinia offers magical beaches with crystal-clear waters, surrounded by golden dunes and typical Mediterranean vegetation, such as Pistis and Torre dei Corsari, or the beach of Is Arutas on the Sinis Peninsula, a mandatory stop for  your nature holiday in Sardinia.

Let yourself be carried away by the flavours of the traditions of Sardinia in the pristine nature of this beautiful island. Enjoy the delicious Sardinian porceddu (suckling pig) at just a few feet away from the sea, or savour a grilled fish before the beautiful view of the Sinis Peninsula, while the wind carries the unmistakable scent of the Mediterranean maquis and you admire the Sardinian sunset.