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Restaurants and nursery

In our hotel for families, you will always find the perfect meal for your children, with healthy, genuine dishes.

  • At the Il Fasolare Restaurant, we serve buffet lunch and dinner with national and international cuisines.
  • The Il Paguro Barbecue Restaurant, with views of the Sinis Peninsula, offers you typical Sardinian cuisine for lunch or at sunset, to enjoy the unmistakable Sardinian porceddu (suckling pig) or grilled fish.
  • The Don Custer Pizzeria will also be the right choice if you want to  spend a happy evening enjoying the greenery of our Resort in Sardinia from a splendid terrace and, for  mothers, in our hotel for families, we have a large nursery that is fully equipped with high chairs, changing table, and bottle warmer where you can spend some quiet time with your child, and why not, make friends with other mothers on your family holiday in Sardinia.
  • The Saloon Restaurant & Pub.. becoming a cowboy is a breeze, where your family holiday takes you to the Old West, through a party full of engaging country games and dancing, where you can also savour  Tex-Mex cuisine and enjoy an evening like a real cowboy! Wear a hat and travel back in time to the era of pioneers, line dance with us, immerse yourself in exciting western games, such as throwing a lasso or a  pie-in-the-face, but not before you've had a taste our Tex-Mex cuisine with a delicious steak or our incomparable Saloon Burger! This is a true family holiday!