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Horse for everyone

Discover, get to know, and live your horseback riding holiday in Sardinia! A new friend is waiting for you to ride across new, pristine landscapes full of charm and  history, a spectacular nature holiday  to be discovered and an unforgettable  horseback riding holiday  in Sardinia, riding on  the beach, in the woods, or trekking with your horse ...

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Do You know Horse Sharing?

Horse Sharing is the formula for a unique horse holiday in Sardinia. This is an innovative project   created by the Horse Country Resort taken from the dreams of those who love horses and want to own one of their own.  For you, who would like a  horseback riding holiday without limits, you can experience the thrill of having an all-inclusive horse for you and your entire family and live an original holiday in Sardinia. You can personally choose among many beautiful horses, along with a Country or Old English style cottage where you can spend your nature holiday in Sardinia, with all the advantages of a great tourist facility, the Horse Country Resort.