A new way to spend a holiday

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A new way to spend a holiday

You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy a horseback riding holiday in Sardinia. Horse riding can be practiced by anyone, and  it is the element that distinguishes an original nature holiday, which will offer you a unique experience that will remain with you over time.

  • Horseback rides on the beach and under the pine forest
  • Horse trekking in Sardinia towards discovering the Pink Flamingos
  • Horseback excursions to the ancient fishing village of Marceddì

We’ve prepared three different packages for every different desire… to make you experience a stupendous, original  holiday on horseback!

  1. “Nature on Horseback” package
  2. “Your Family on Horseback in Sardinia” package
  3. "Horse Sharing Experience" package

Discover our experiences on horseback