A new family holiday

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A new family holiday

At last, you can enjoy your family. Horse Country offers a new and authentic way to spend your  family holiday. The horse is the unifying element that will excite you and give joy to your children ... A timeless family holiday awaits you.

Bringing your family to horseback ride in Sardinia is now possible. Take a splendid carriage ride all together, immersed in an uncontaminated nature. One-by-one, get to know your new fellow adventurers who will offer you indescribable emotions!

  • Carriage ride in Sardinia: There is nothing more magical and unforgettable than a carriage ride with your loved ones to strengthen your bond during a family holiday in Sardinia. Riding through unique landscapes, we will take you to discover the unspoiled, suggestive  territories  for memories and sensations that only this beautiful land can offer and that will remain forever etched in your heart.
  • Individual and Collective activities for parents: While your children are having fun with their Ponies, parents can make their  family nature holiday even more magical with our individual and collective activities that will allow you to experience, first hand, the unique emotions that a horseback riding  holiday in Sardinia can offer with  simplicity and fun, always assisted by the qualified instructors from our Equestrian Centre.
  • Ponylandia for your little Cowboys: A pony riding holiday is now possible! At Horse Country, your children will get to know our  ponies, cuddle them, and discover their magical world more closely. Ponies have always been part of the  imagination of children, proud fellow adventurers of fairy tales, fantastic heroes of their games, and a time where they can discover themselves.  Your little riders will enjoy riding ponies on holiday and, at the same time, they’ll grow through spending unforgettable days and live a  riding experience that will make them… and also you, as parents… delighted!