A horse for everyone

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A horse for everyone

Horse Country, one of the largest centres in Europe, offers you the opportunity to enrich your horseback riding holiday  through different activities that are open to all!

You can visit the stables with over 80 horses, experience the thrill of baptising a saddle, and then leave for an adventurous horseback ride under the lush pine forest and over the white beaches of Sardinia, where you can even bathe in the sea on horseback while admiring the Sinis peninsula!!

Being with horses is an original way to spend a holiday, in nature par excellence, and it is also the dream of every child who will live new experiences with a new pony friend. You will then be able to enjoy the Palacavallo (Horse Arena), where horses and riders will perform in a colourful and traditional tournament, completing this new experience.
Expert riders can experience a horse on holiday through English riding and Western riding activities with equipped riding fields, as well as horse treks, where you can explore the uncontaminated  nature of the mysterious land of Sardinia.
All activities will be practiced with the assistance of qualified instructors for a safe family holiday.
We offer riders all the facilities of an International level Equestrian Centre.