The flavours of a pristine island

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The flavours of a pristine island

Horse Country Resort, with its Drug Store and Bazaar, will allow you to take home a piece of our land, where you can purchase the most famous local products from the traditions of Sardinia. You can find  prestigious Sardinian oil, delicious cheeses, taste the famous bottarga mullet roe, also called the “gold of Sardinia”, or take home an unforgettable porcelain or cork souvenir, impressed with  shapes and colours that represent the oldest traditions of Sardinia.

The traditions of Sardinia are handed down from generation to generation over time: from splendid Sardinian costumes, famous worldwide for their elegance and originality, to the typical Sardinian cork and porcelain crafts that are unique and inimitable… from its unmistakable wine, to its dairy products, as well as  the renowned bottarga  fish roe of the Sinis Peninsula, an award-winning product from the western coast of Sardinia, and the  traditional cuisine of Sardinia, unique for its authenticity and taste.