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Bus tours

Cagliari with Shopping (Full Day - 8h)
We’re off!  Once greeted by the tour guide, the experience begins right from the bus ride!
Having left behind  ancient malarious, marshy areas, now reclaimed and turned into green fields, rice paddies, and farms with a Venetian charm, during the whole trip, you will ride along the plain that filled the great Rift of Campidano.

Oristano & Is Arutas Beach (Half Day - 4h)
From the hotel, you will leave for Santa Giusta and Oristano, past Cabras, and arrive at the ancient fishing village of S. Salvatore, which has frequently been a set for famous western movies.

Sinis Peninsula: culture, beaches, and wine (Full Day - 8h)
Once you leave the hotel, you  will travel north across green areas of rice fields and livestock, mainly cows, and also be able to admire the pink flamingos. Then passing west of the lagoon of  S.Giusta, among bridges, canals, and fishing fisheries, you will arrive in Cabras

Pistis & Piscinas (Half Day - 4h)
Ready for a journey within a journey? An excursion in Sardinia among majestic sand dunes of fine sand,  you will visit an authentic desert, in all safety and just about ten kilometres from your Resort!

Mine of Montevecchio  (Half Day - 4h)
Once you leave the hotel, you will travel south  across green areas of rice fields and livestock, mainly cows, to shortly arrive  in the quaint fishing village of Marceddì.

Pistis-Piscinas-Montevecchio (Full-Day - 8h)
Ready for a journey in a journey? Once you leave the hotel with your tour guide,  you will immediately begin your discovery of this territory.  Travelling south across the green areas of rice fields and livestock, mainly cows, rich in birdlife and  lake land  flora, you will shortly arrive in the characteristic fishing village of Marceddì.

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