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Excursions in Sardinia are perfect to discover all the beauties of the island and visit the most pristine and magical places that are full of charm and history.
Discover all our excursions in Sardinia for an unforgettable holiday! You can choose our bus tours, which will take you to explore the pristine beaches of Arutas, on the Sinis Peninsula, or the  Punic-Roman village of Tharros. You can also discover the charm of Sardinia by visiting the imposing Nuragic Palace of Barumini, which preserves intact the entire history of this great land. Another stop you should not miss on your excursions in Sardinia is undoubtedly the evocative mines of Montevecchio, which will take you back to the glories of the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth-century. If you also love the sea and are seeking unique and unforgettable excursions in Sardinia, then you can spend a morning in a different manner on a boat across the Gulf of Oristano to Capo Frasca or Capo San Marco for a suggestive and fascinating panorama of the entire Sinis Peninsula. As an alternative, if you love adventure, you can  rent a car to discover and explore  Sardinia on your own,  through traditions, culture, and dreamlike landscapes ...

Discover all our excursions in Sardinia for an unforgettable holiday!!